Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Don't sweat the small stuff

THEY say patience is a virtue. Not for me! Exercising any sort of patience has always been extremely torturous for me. Standing in line for too long has always made me feel like my head was about to explode! And you know those people who stand in front of you in line at the coffee shop or the restaurant and wait till they get to the cashier to look at the menu? ARRRGGGHHH!!! Torturous, I tell you!

I'm here to testify today, however, that the best possible cure for impatience is becoming a parent. Why? Because you have no choice! I remember those days when I could just get ready and get out of the house in a short period of time. Now, going out takes careful planning and preparation. Packing the Prince's bag of necessities; getting him fed and dressed; allowing time for naps (because a cranky, tired tot is no fun whatsoever when you're out and about) and last-minute diaper mishaps. Then there have been times when he was a little younger when I've rocked and rocked and rocked him to sleep. He's out cold, so I ease myself up off the chair and ever so geeeeently place him in his bed, only to have his bright eyes fly open less than a minute later and his ear-piercing hollering follow. What can I do, but start the process all over again. But it's all good. 

Parenthood is also a cure for obsessive neatness. Admittedly, I have never been a compulsive neat freak, however, I do consider myself averagely neat and like to see things in their place. So, of course, it has been quite a shock to my system to have toys, books, dvds, newspapers--and anything else my son happens to get his hands on during the course of the day--strewn about whatever room he's been cavorting in. I used to go about each room every night after his bedtime, putting things back in place. Now, I do it once every couple of days. And I'm not nearly as appalled as I used to be. It comes with the territory. 

My new train of thought is this: So the laundry doesn't get done as regularly as before. Big deal! It'll get done in plenty of time. The Prince makes a mess while trying to feed himself. Sure, I'm cringing, but hey, it's part of his growth and development process. So I let him do his thing and resign myself to having quite the clean up job afterwards. Thank heavens for the steam mop and Lysol wipes! So what if I get drenched while giving him his bath? At least the kid loves bath time. Let's hope that remains true. So what if I've been hit by projectile pee more times than I can count. Hey, it builds character!

One of our less messy mealtime events. 


  1. LOL! THAT'S LESS MESSY???? Oh Lord, am I in for a treat when my time comes. LOL

  2. I've learnt not to stress about tripping over toys. Now I just have to woosah my way out of items thrown in the toilet. Motherhood is wonderful. Cleaning up...not so much.

  3. @Neka...girl! Since he has learned to swat the spoon away, i've been in real trouble! LOL!

  4. @Allison...items in the toilet?? Ugh! *makes mental note to add toilet locks to the baby proofing list*