Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The best advice

OF course, the advice flows quickly and furiously during pregnancy. Some of it makes you want to pull your hair out, but sometimes you actually receive some really useful and valuable tips.

One of the gems I received from a good many people was "Sleep when baby sleeps". Alas, I admit, I have rarely followed this and I've paid for it. But the thing is, there is always something that needs doing, and nap time or bed time on many occasions affords me the perfect opportunity to maybe do some laundry, clean something, or heck, have a real meal! Sitting down!!

Another useful piece of advice I received was to sign up on as many baby or parent-oriented websites as possible for great parenting resources. I've signed up on sites like, and, among others, and get helpful advice from pregnancy to preschool via email newsletters in addition to coupon savings and even great freebies (because we all know, babies ain't cheap!).

Then there was this: "Whatever you do, DO NOT allow your baby to sleep in your bed and your room for too long. You'll never get him out!" I definitely took that one seriously! The day the Prince turned three months old, we moved him from the co-sleeper in our room to the crib in his own room; he's been happy there ever since...and so have we! (thanks, Jami!)

But the truly most wonderful bit of advice I've received has been to take as many photographs and as much video of baby as possible. That, as far as I'm concerned, is golden! I now know first hand how incredibly quickly babies change and grow. So it's very wise to chronicle their progress so that you can look back and marvel. What I would add is that it's very important to date the photos and videos, because it's easy to forget just when they were taken when you have scores and scores of photos.

Looking back on cute photos like this one
really makes me smile. 

Personally, I'm not a fan of the date stamp on photographs. I've tried it and find that nothing ruins a perfectly good photograph more than an obnoxious date stamp along the side! But thank heavens digital cameras have a feature where you can set the date and time and once it's correctly set, that information is available when you click "properties" on an image on your computer. The date and time also appear on the backs of printed photos.

Another good idea is to have camera(s), videocam(s) phone(s) at easy reach. Perhaps one in a different part of the house, because you just never know when you'll get that perfect candid shot. Those little tykes are so unpredictable!

I LOVE baby feet! So naturally, I had to take scores of 'footsie' pics. 

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