Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Swaddling "Houdini"

THE books, the parenting blogs, the magazines, the pediatricians. They all recommend swaddling infants. Baby Talk magazine notes that 82 percent of parents swaddle their babies. The idea is that wrapping them up nice and tight in receiving blankets or those handy little adjustable wraps will make the babies feel like they're back in the warmth of Mommy's womb and helps to calm them. However, The Little Prince didn't receive that memo. If there was ever a baby that HATED being swaddled, it was him!

From the day he was born and he was swaddled up after his initial examination, my hubby asked the nurses to give him swaddling lessons. "Go slow, please! I need to get this." he implored, and the ever so patient nurses happily obliged. Some nurses had slightly varied versions of the swaddle wrap technique, but the premise was the same. We were told that the "burrito roll" was one of the most secure and effective swaddling methods, so we decided to go with that technique. Two days later when we were discharged from the hospital, we (especially hubby) were fairly confident that we'd be able make The Little Prince nice and comfy. Little did we realize that we were dealing with a baby with magical powers!

Playing possum. He freed himself a half hour later.

Mind you, for the couple of days we were in the hospital, The Little Prince really seemed to like being swaddled in blankets. We now believe he was just so exhausted from the trip into the world that he couldn't be bothered with the attempt to get out. Because when we tried to swaddle him it home it was almost always a royal rumble, I tell you! Who knew a 5lb 7oz baby could be so strong? This boy squirmed, wriggled, tossed and turned so much! A tiny newborn against two adults and he was beating us silly! He liked sucking on his thumb so we'd try to accommodate him by leaving one hand out so he'd have access. But that just made his escape that much quicker. Not that it ultimately mattered. Some nights we'd get lucky and we'd have him wrapped nice and tight and he'd seem to resign himself. So we thought! Turns out was resting up to free himself about a half hour later. Many a time he'd have us sweating from the effort like it was the middle of summer even though it was almost Christmas! Many nights we were so desperate for guidance, convinced that we had forgotten everything the nurses taught us, we resorted to YouTube. Picture it: Hubby's battling it out with the squirming, hollering Prince while we're both poring over videos, hitting the pause button after every step. Hilarious! And pathetic!

It didn't take us long to conclude that we had lost this battle. The boy didn't want to be swaddled and that was that! He was the boss! Swaddling was OUT!

This was the ONLY time he stayed swaddled longer than an hour.

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  1. Man, who wants to be all trapped when there's a whole world of mischief to tackle? ;)