Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Less is more...

THIS should definitely apply when reacting to news of a pregnancy. I had been warned about silly, insensitive comments by friends who had endured them while expecting, and of course, I was not to be spared. Here are some of the doozies!

The Little Prince

  • "Well, it's about time!" (This was the most common remark. I guess some people feel that late 30s is a bit late to get started. My Ob/Gyn would beg to differ, thank goodness)
  • "This is going to kill your career!" (I mean, seriously??)
  • "I didn't think you could get pregnant!" (I didn't know you had a personal relationship with my uterus!)
  • "You haven't even been married six months and you're already knocked up?" (Sometimes you just have to laugh off stupid)
  • "You're eight months along? And you're so small? I hope the baby is healthy!" (Aye yie yie!)
  • And the Grand Prize Winner..."Thank God you finally got pregnant. I was afraid you would wait too long and risk having a down's syndrome baby." (No words!)
  • Honorable Mention..."Say goodbye to your freedom." (I guess I know how she feels about her kid) 
Common sense should dictate that when someone shares their happy news with you, if you can't say anything nice or sensible, simply offer congratulations and keep it moving. But alas, it is obvious that common sense isn't as common as we think. Makes me remember a sign that used to hang at my Dad's restaurant when I was a child. "Be sure brain is engaged before putting mouth into gear." Wise words!!


  1. These are hilarious! And so RUDE!!! What makes some people say the things that they say?!! Loving the blog, keep these great posts coming!!!

  2. People say the dumbest things. Let them all eat cake!